What a Week! Starts with Eclipse, Ends with Hurricane Harvey!

Prior to Tuesday August 22nd, all you could read or hear about in the media was the Eclipse.  Everyone heard buzz terms like path of totality, eclipse glasses, and the frenzy around this event seemed like the most hyped thing on our planet.  That is until Friday August 25th when Hurricane Harvey is expected to hit the Gulf Coast of Texas as a Category Four storm.  Texas has already been declared a disaster, expecting cubic feet of rain over the next 3-4 days. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/hurricane-harvey-grows-stronger-as-texas-braces-for-historic-storm-to-make-landfall-friday-evening/2017/08/25/b63c8f3c-8992-11e7-a94f-3139abce39f5_story.html

If either of these events have the positive effect of getting our youth more interested in science and meteorology, it will all be worthwhile!

Here’s hoping that Hurricane Harvey becomes what the Great Eclipse of 2017 is now – history, and pretty quiet history at that.  Stay safe if you’re in the path of Harvey.  Safety is one thing always WorthHaving!


Good News! A glass of Wine a Day keeps Diabetes Away!


Yes, that’s correct. According to a Danish study men and women who enjoy wine (but only about 1-2 glasses a day) report less incidence of contracting diabetes.  The study is not comprehensive, but certainly encouraging to wine drinkers and wine enthusiasts!


If you want to read the actual study:


So drink your 1-2 glasses of wine everyday and stop worrying about diabetes.  Now if only the studies on heart disease, Alzheimers and strokes would concur…that would be WorthHaving!



Proterra Buses run on Electricity- from what source?

A company spun off from Electric Car manufacturer Tesla will begin production of buses that run on electricity.  Laws passed in California will require buses to stop pollution from their tailpipes in the near future.  So the air will be cleaner, right?  Wrong!  Where is this electricity going to be produced?  At power plants running coal, gas or another combustible polluting fuel.  How will electric buses be cleaner than gas or diesel if they still rely on electricity produced using polluting energy?  Why is no one asking this question of Gov. Jerry Brown?

The average Proterra bus costs $700,000 of taxpayer dollars.  The average gas or diesel bus costs $500,000 and there are thousands of old buses waiting to be replaced.  Without finding out how production of how the new electricity needed to run these buses will affect the economy and the environment this looks like another bad idea waiting to happen.



Just because a solution looks pretty doesn’t make it perfect.  Who is weighing the options here?  No one, and the voters and taxpayers will get hosed, as usual, if no one checks out where the electricity to run these buses comes from.


Starbucks Reward Doubles Today

If you already are a Starbucks Reward member, today is a great day for a trip to Starbucks.  Today, and 1 day a month at Starbucks whim you get 4 points for every dollar you spend, making it twice as easy to get that free Frozen Latte!

If you haven’t joined Starbucks Rewards, do it today!


Click here for details





Fashion Magazines go Politically Liberal in hopes of Stemming Lost Readers & Revenue

I’m a dinosaur, even though I own an iPhone, iPad, Kindle and MacBook laptop, I still enjoy reading fashion magazines made out of paper, that arrive monthly via snail-mail. Yes, a lot of their content can be found on line, but I like having it at my real fingertips (as opposed to virtual finger tips I suppose).


There’s plenty of press showing that magazines are losing readers, revenue, ad dollars and pages. An article on the website BOF/The Business of Fashion from August 8, 2016 https://www.businessoffashion.com/articles/intelligence/cost-cutting-fashion-magazines-hearst-time-inc-conde-nast speaks volumes when it asks if cost cutting can save Fashion Magazines. There’s even a best selling fictional novel, “The Knock Offs” by Lucy Sykes https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00N6PD01W/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1 that came out in May of 2015, the premise of the novel discusses the future of the Fashion Magazine is that you have an older editor who takes six months off work and comes back to find her former assistant now running the show, and the show has been moved from print to online. Art imitating life? Seems so!


As a dinosaur who readily subscribes to Elle, Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar, mostly for the pictures and ads, I’ve become increasingly disillusioned with what passes for articles in these publications. Mind you, these magazines exist to show everyday people what they’re missing out on by not having an unlimited clothing budget. You can’t afford a Louis Vuitton handbag for $4,000 and you aren’t 6 feet tall and 115 pounds, but if you dress the way the magazine tells you then maybe your life will be worth living. I always viewed the fashion spreads and ads as aspirational, not real life. But not any more…


America’s fashion magazines in the past few years have become increasingly politicized. Articles froth at the mouth over Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, or their far left adherents.   They speak of the evils of Republicanism, and the joy of being a liberal who supports killing unborn babies (future readers?) in the name of having control over your body. Let’s face it, control over your body starts by saying NO or using birth control. Once you’ve conceived Mother Nature has control over your body, you blew your chance. But all the Fashion Magazines want you to know they are in your corner as long as you subscribe not to their (magazine) issue, but their political issues. And they lean 100% to the left.


I’m debating ending my subscriptions to the above named magazines because although I love the ads and photo spreads, I don’t like the one-sided articles telling women readers how to vote and who to support politically. I buy these magazines to escape into the world of fashion. Perhaps like the dinosaur that I am, I’m not in the majority. I’ve finally reached a place in life where I can afford many of the luxuries advertised within their glossy pages, but the corrosive, left-leaning diatribes that are included in each issue are turning me off. Kill off your subscribers at your own risk Fashion Mags. We aren’t coming back, and they aren’t making any more of us.


What to Invest in between post-election and Trump Inauguration

Here are my thoughts on what to invest in during the next 90 days.  The stock market is DOWN remarkably on the news of Donald J. Trump’s election, and may market sectors could be set to explode given our current National State of Mind:

Moving Stocks – Amerco, and any others that are part of conglomerates – because 50% of the population wants to move to Canada.


Home Builders in Canada/Rental Apartment Builders and Management firms in Canada – where are the former US Citizens -50% – going to live while Trump is President?

Cardboard box makers – gotta throw your stuff in something to move it!

Ryder Truck Rental – for those liberals who can only afford to move by themselves – 1 way rentals to Canada should be busy!

Also a bargain – huge luxury homes like Barbara Streisand’s!

Note to all my readers – I am not a stock market expert, but I do relish the upside down world we are in Post-Election 2016.  So if you buy these stocks and they plummet, it’s not my fault!  But a good profit is WorthHaving!




IG Nobel Awards 2016

If you think Scientists have no sense of humor, you haven’t heard of the Ig Nobel Awards. The awards are handed out annually for scientific research which makes people stop, laugh and (hopefully) think.  The awards were handed out Thursday, September 22nd at Harvard University.  The award itself is a large clock whose numbers have been replaced with letters spelling out I-G-N-O-B-E-L-P-R-I-Z-E.  Sadly there’s no financial stipend to go with the prize, but it does help publicize strange scientific research taking place around the world.

This year’s winners included a man who posed as a mountain goat for three days.  He attended the awards wearing the prosthetics that turned him into a “Goat-Man” for three days.  His was the award for Biology. It was also among the less weird topics.  For instance, the Reproductive Award went to Egyptian researchers for  their study of the effects of wearing polyester, wool or cotton pants on the sex lives of rats.  That’s right, rats in pants!

See the complete list of ‘winners’ here – http://www.improbable.com/ig/winners/


In all seriousness, the Medicine prize went to German scientists for research that shows that if you have a sensation (an itch for instance) in your left side, you can look into a mirror and scratch your right side and it will satisfy the itch.  This study could be helpful for people who are missing a limb and having phantom pain.  So maybe not all of the Ig Nobel award winners are nuts, and maybe some of the research will be useful eventually. Which makes Ig Nobel scientists work just a little bit WorthHaving.


End of Summer ’16 Clinique Bonus at Bloomies!


Sorry but Summer 2016 will end soon.  If you’re thinking you’ll need a new look for back to school, back to work, back to wearing clothing, whatever, you should head to Bloomingdale’s for their Clinique Bonus offer – starting August 23rd Online, or August 24th in store.

Bloomingdale’s exclusive GWP offer can be yours with a purchase of at least $27.  They’re calling it a $70 value, looks right to me.  Here’s what the Bonus Gift includes:

  1.  A pink zippered cosmetics bag
  2. Foaming Soap face soap – sample size
  3. All About Eyes cream – sample size
  4. Clinique Smart Custom Repair Moisturizer with SPF 15 cream – sample size
  5. Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara in black -1st time offered!sample size
  6. High Impact Custom Black Kajal automatic (EYE) Pencil – 1st time offered! -sample size
  7. Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick in Matte Magenta OR Matte Beauty- full size

If you are taking a trip you’ll love packing these bonus gifts, they are perfect for travel or stashing in your office. Sample size travels really well.IMG_4560

Buying more than $55 worth of Clinique Cosmetics will earn you another bonus gift:

Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Plum Pop AND Quickliner for Eyes in Intense Black.  The value of this gift is $85 per Clinique and Bloomies.

As always, good deals and gifts with purchase (GWP) are Worth Having!  Enjoy your Summer and get to Bloomies before it’s over!

Going to Laguna Beach this Summer? Here’s a deal Worth Having!


Laguna Beach Pageant of the Masters Summer 2016!

Are you going to Laguna Beach this summer?  Or are you a SoCal resident who lives close enough for a day drive to the cutest beach town in Orange County?  Have I got a deal for you!  Pageant of the Masters, one of Laguna Beach’s most popular events (#3 in Trip Advisor*) is offering Discounted Tickets to their annual Summer Extravaganza!

Get 25% OFF if you use the code TOLL16 when ordering tickets online, on the phone or even at the box office window!  http://ev3.evenue.net/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/EVExecMacro?linkID=foa&evm=main or http://www.foapom.com.  The code works for select shows only.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 7.39.49 AM

Why?  Because a great deal is always Worth Having!



Clinique GWP is on now- 6/8/16!

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.49.38 AM


It’s Clinique Bonus time at Lord & Taylor!


If you’ve been waiting to make your summer Clinique purchases, now’s the time! Lord & Taylor has a free 7 piece GWP set when you purchase at least $27 worth of Clinique products. The gift includes the following bonus sized items:

  • Dramatically different moisturizing lotion +
  • Clinique Smart custom repair moisturizer with SPF 15
  • Take Off the Day makeup remover
  • High Impact Mascara
  • Lipstick*
  • Eye shadow duo*
  • Colorful cosmetics bag to carry it all in!

*choice of 2 color palettes for shadow & lipstick


You can order on line or go into your closest Lord & Taylor to take advantage of this great GWP offer. Here’s the link to buy online:




Because a good GWP offer is always worth having!!!